Day: February 4, 2019

SOPHIA II – Upcoming enhanced remake of Matthew Smith’s "Styx"

Putting aside the Amiga it’s time for some ZX Spectrum news, as we’ve just found out Alessandro Grussu is working on an enhanced remake of Matthew Smith’s 48k ZX Spectrum game "Styx", which will be called ‘Sophia II’. Now unlike that classic game, this upcoming remake will be a sequel to the […]

Blask – First person shooter Amiga tech demo update

There’s just no stopping us this morning, as after already mentioning the latest retro news, here’s a new Amiga tech demo called ‘Blask (eng. Shine?, Glow?, Glare?)’, or as its previous name ‘Alien Enemy: Dangerous Alien’, which is a new improved demo with updated movements. To coincide with this news […]

Time Gal – LaserDisc Anime gets a special Amiga early test update!

It’s a Monday and the weather is naff, so how about playing the latest Amiga update from our good friends ReImagine Games ‘Time Gal’ version 1.2. Now if you’ve followed our news previously would’ve read that LaserDisc support was added to the Amiga emulator WinUAE, as generally LaserDisc games were […]