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From Beyond – Prologue – Horror adventure inspired by games such as Shadowgate!

Great news if you loved games such as Deju Vu, Uninvited or even my personal favourite Shadowgate, as we’ve just been told through our Game Dev : RetroGaming Facebook group, that SuckerFree Games will be releasing a game of similar style to those games called ‘ From Beyond – Prologue ‘. This […]

Back to the Future Part III: Timeline of Monkey Island – Adventure fan demo gets a release

It wasn’t long ago now that we gave much excitement to the retro community that a demo was coming which blended The Secret of Monkey Island and Back to the Future as an adventure game with glorious inspirations. Well there’s good news today as just moments ago the developer Daniele Spadoniin […]

Back to the Future Part III: Timeline of Monkey Island – Amiga fan demo, due soon?

The Amiga games just keep on coming, but unlike the homebrews and ports we announced through this month such as Starquake, The Real Brus Lii,  Barbarian Plus and Uwol Quest For Money we now look towards a new adventure demo which may or may not come before Christmas. Titled as The Fan Game […]

Caren – Thank You Edition 2018 – A truly great adventure game for the C64!

Through many months of writing, pretty much as soon as it was announced for the F64GC 2015: Adventure competition, we have been discussing the brilliant adventure game Caren and the Tangled Tentacles on the C64. It was released as a downloadable 1.1 version, and then later as an exclusive limited […]

Ten Great Adventure-Game Puzzles

This blog has become, among other things, an examination of good and bad game-design practices down through the years, particularly within the genre of adventure games. I’ve always tried to take the subject seriously, and have even dared to hope that some of these writings might be of practical use […]

Unofficial CD32 Release – Point & Click Adventure Games… Simon the Sorcerer and more!

The Amiga games just keep on coming, but unlike the homebrews we announced earlier this week, we thought it time to announce this very special release from Amiga Jay the ‘ Unofficial CD32 Release – Point & Click Adventure Games ‘. Yes indeed Adventure gamers from around the globe will […]

Captain Disaster in Death Has A Million Stomping Boots – Retro inspired adventure with a demo!

I’ve always been an Adventure gamer on both my Amiga and PC, and have such fond memories of games such as The Secret of Monkey Island, Simon the Sorcerer, Fable, Kings Quest and even the Quest for Glory series. So to hear our good friend CaptainD has made an Adventure game […]

The Beast Of Torrack Moor – 30th Anniversary Edition – Coming this November!

Throughout the last few years we’ve featured a number of text based adventures, games such as the upcoming unnamed Pirate themed C64 adventure, The Pawn Remastered, The Marlo Files Remastered Edition, and Goblin Towers to name but a few. But there’s another game that’s due to be released in November, and […]