Game 346: Deadly Towers (1986)

            Deadly Towers Also known as Mashou or Mashō (Japanese) Japan Lenar and Tamtex (developers); Irem (Japanese publisher); Brøderbund (North American publisher) Released 1986 for NES Date Started: 4 November 2019 Date Ended: 10 November 2019 Total Hours: 17 Difficulty: Hard (4/5) Final Rating: (to come later) Ranking at time […]

Frostbite – Atari to C64 conversion #3 from Chopper Command team gets a release!

Great news for this rather cold and frosty Sunday, as we’ve just been told by Antonio Savona, that the same team behind the Atari to C64 conversion of Chopper Command and the previously released Keystone Kapers. Has now announced the release of the next game in the trilogy line up, as […]

Consulting Detective Vol. II – Murdered Mechanic Made Military Mighty

Written by Joe Pranevich Two cases down and one to go! Thus far in Consulting Detective Vol. II, we’ve solved a pair of murders and it appears that we are going three-for-three. Admittedly, the first case was murder-with-theft and the second was murder-as-a-cover-up, but both involved murder. Some commenters have […]