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Darklands: Travelogue

This session introduced indoor exploration for the first time. Here, the party tries to fight a jumping kobold.              Darklands has given us something of an RPG “first” in that, with the party’s origin, encounters, and quests randomized, no two players will encounter precisely the same game. To be […]

Game 331: Beneath the Pyramids (1980)

As we’ll see, the game would have been more properly called In the Sphinx.              Beneath the Pyramids United States Crystalware (developer and publisher) Released in 1980 for Apple II, 1981 for Atari 800 Date Started: 10 June 2019 Date Finished: 10 June 2019 Total Hours: 3Difficulty: Easy (2/5)Final Rating: […]

Darklands: Iron Men

The leader of Hamburg outlines the crimes of robber knight Eberhard Gerle.         Someone should make a comprehensive study of the criminal archetypes that have come and gone–made obsolete by sociology or technology. The itinerant snake-oil salesman; the train robber; the yo-ho-ho kind of pirate. The Nigerian Prince must be […]

Darklands: Menüstadt

Darklands is a very menu-driven game.          I re-started the game and rolled up a new group for this expedition, not so much because I was dissatisfied with the statistics of the old one (although I did need someone with better alchemy skills, I think) but because I was dissatisfied […]

Game 330: House of Usher (1980)

                House of Usher United States Crystalware (developer and publisher) Released in 1980 for Apple II and Atari 800 Date Started: 27 May 2019 Date Finished: 27 May 2019 Total Hours: 5Difficulty: Moderate (3/5)Final Rating: (to come later)Ranking at time of posting: (to come later) A few months ago, commenter […]

The Kingdom of Syree: Acceptance

The King of Syree bestows the main quest.             Facing an Ultima clone often sends me into a process akin to the Kübler-Ross five stages of grief.              Denial: “Aw, hell. Not another Ultima clone. What–it even has a (Z)tats command? No. No $&@#!* way.” Anger: “What the hell was […]

Game 329: Darklands (1992)

When you start up the game, this woman says “Welcome to Darklands” in a digitized voice.           Darklands United States MicroProse (developer and publisher) Released in 1992 for DOSDate Started: 24 May 2019 Excited about killing orcs and finding treasure, I fire up a game and crack open the manual. […]

The Two Towers: Won!

Want to bet?             It’s probably good for my version of the Fellowship that the story ended here, more warped and twisted from Tolkien’s tale than you might imagine a computer game based on this material would allow. At the end, we’ll have to have a little thought experiment about […]

Game 320: Xoru (1989)

Character selection occurs right on the main title screen.          Xoru United States Castle Technologies (developer and publisher) Several versions released between 1987 and 1989 for DOS Date Started: 13 June 2018 Date Ended: 5 March 2019 Total Hours: 7 Difficulty: Easy-Moderate (2/5) Final Rating: (to come later) Ranking at […]

The Two Towers: A Decent Percentage of Those Who Wander Are, in Fact, Lost

Well, that’s helpful.              We haven’t had many games that support multiple parties adventuring at the same time, and each has handled the notion a slightly different way, depending on the reasons for the separation. For instance, some games support multiple players operating simultaneously, either cooperatively or competitively, such as […]

Missing and Mysteries

I thought I would centralize, in this entry, all of the games that we either can’t find or that I’ve found unplayable or unwinnable in some mysterious way. This should make it easier for readers who stumble across the blog to offer hints. I’ll remove titles (or otherwise flag them) […]