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Game 327: Darkwood (1992)

                Darkwood United StatesPublished as shareware in 1992 for the MacintoshDate Started: 15 May 2019 Date Finished: 16 May 2019 Total Hours: 4Difficulty: Easy (2/5)Final Rating: (to come later)Ranking at time of posting: (to come later)                 You are an orphan named Derek who wants to join the elite city […]

Star Control II: Won!

There’s no one “congratulations” screen. This is the final screen of the game. The final chapter commenced with a re-visit to the Syreen. After clearly telling me to “LEAVE” in our last encounter, I had thought that the Syreen commander was going to do something without my participation, but it […]

Dark Stone Ritual: Too Zoon

The Game Master gives me one of the main quests of the game.              At this point, I’ve explored five towns, three caves, and as much of the outdoor area as I can. The outdoor map is structured so you can’t get very far without the skills necessary to navigate […]

A Personal Note

I got behind in entries and ended up having nothing to published today at noon, for which I apologize. I am of course still working on Dark Stone Ritual and Star Control II while investigating some interesting off-list options. I thought I’d take today to let you know about an […]

Ultizurk II: Won! (with Summary and Rating)

Congratulations! Here’s a near-unreadable screen!              Ultizurk II: The Shadow Master United States Independently developed and published Released in 1992 for DOS Date Started: 26 March 2019 Date Finished: 7 April 2019 Total Hours: 16 Difficulty: Moderate (3/5)Final Rating: (to come later)Ranking at time of posting: (to come later) Summary: […]

Game 322: Nemesis (1981)

Hey, it was a bare-bones era.        Nemesis United States SuperSoft (developer and publisher) Released in 1981 for CP/M Date Started: 24 March 2019 Date Ended: 24 March 2019 Total Hours: 4Difficulty: Moderate (3/5)Final Rating: (to come later)Ranking at time of posting: (to come later) In 1977, the innovative first-person […]

The Seventh Link: Summary and Rating

The game manual featured some fairly modest hand-drawn art.             The Seventh Link Canada Oblique Triad (developer and publisher) Released 1989 for Tandy Color Computer 3Date Started: 16 December 2018 Date Ended: 16 March 2019 Total Hours: 22 Difficulty: Medium-Hard (3.5/5) Final Rating: (to come later) Ranking at Time of […]