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Game 316: Caverns of Mordia (1980)

            Caverns of Mordia Australia Lothlorien Farming (developer and publisher) Date Started: 4 January 2019 Date Ended: 13 January 2019 Total Hours: 8 Difficulty: Moderate-Hard (3.5/5) Final Rating: (to come later) Ranking at Time of Posting: (to come later) Caverns of Mordia is a recently-rediscovered entry in what we might […]

Black Crypt: Something About Magic

The party prepares to unleash death on a dracolich.               Black Crypt‘s approach to magic might be its most unusual feature, and it’s something I didn’t highlight very well in the first two entries. Each spellcasting class (cleric, druid, magic-user) has five spellbooks, each with four spells, for a total […]

Revisiting: The Dungeon (1975)

                  The Dungeon United States Independently developed in 1975 on the PLATO mainframe at the University of Illinois PLATO lesson name pedit5 is sometimes given as the name of the game Date Started: 28 December 2011 Date Ended: 4 January 2019 Total Hours: 11 Difficulty: Moderate-Hard (3.5/5)  Final Rating: (to […]

Game 315: Lords of Time (1992)

            Lords of Time United States Hollyware (developer and publisher) Released in 1992 for Amiga Date Started: 3 January 2019 Well, here’s an interesting find. Rarely does a game appear on my “upcoming” list with no one ever having commented on it, no one saying he was looking forward to […]

Game 314: Zerg (1989)

This version has no title screen; it just launches you right into it.            Zerg United States Independently developed and published as freeware Released in 1989 for Amiga; new version released in 1990; later published on Fish Disk 252 in 1996 Date Started: 31 December 2018 Date Ended: 31 December […]

Game 313: Black Crypt (1992)

            Black Crypt United States Raven Software (developer); Electronic Arts (publisher) Released in 1992 for Amiga Date Started: 27 December 2018   Games of the Dungeon Master variety will never be my favorite of the CRPG subgenres. I like my RPGs to have meaningful NPC interactions, economies, more role-playing options, […]

Game 311: Paladin’s Legacy (1989)

          Paladin’s Legacy United States Independently developed; published by Sundog Systems Released 1989 for TRS-80 Color Computer Date Started: 12 December 2018Date Ended: 16 December 2018 Total Hours: 9 Difficulty: Moderate (3/5) Final Rating: (to come later) Ranking at Time of Posting: (to come later) As we’ve seen before, the […]