CPCRetroDev 2018 – Amstrad CPC Game Creation Contest, now with 41 games to play!

Throughout this year we have been featuring the CPCRetroDev 2018 competition; a competition whereby Amstrad developers from around the world could come together to show off their games to hopefully win the top spot and blow us away with their talent. Well as the competition had finished and we told […]

CPCRetroDev 2018 – The latest Amstrad CPC Game Creation Contest with 41 new trailers!

Crimson Knight Adventures The Amstrad has gone crazy this month as there have been so many games mentioned for the CPCRetroDEV 2018 competition, that the record has been broken for submissions, with a massive number of 41 games entered! Which beats the previous 29 by a big margin. In fact […]

Legend of Steel – A new Amstrad game by TOD Studios is looking very good indeed!

With the end results of the CPCRetroDEV fast approaching and plenty of Amstrad games to play, one such game in the competition that we are eagerly awaiting to load up on our Amstrad CPC is TOD Studios ‘Legend of Steel’. This game which we have mentioned earlier as a top […]

The Adventures of Timothy Gunn – The high grade Amstrad games just keep on coming!

CNGSoft are certainly no slouch when it comes to great Amstrad games, games such as The World Of Hire Hare, Duck Out, FROGALOT, Justin and BB4CPC to name but a handful. But now it looks as if CNGSoft are about to go all out once again, as they have announced through the CPCRetroDEV competition ‘ […]

Operation Alexandra – Super cool action platformer is coming to the Amstrad

With all the playable Amstrad games fast approaching at the end of the CPCRetroDev, there’s still a number of them we haven’t mentioned yet that is sure to whet your appetite to one of the best competitions we’ve seen so far. As after already announcing games such as Jarlac and even […]

8-Bit Symphony Concert – A symphonic celebration of 8-bit Computer music 15th June 2019!

If your diary is fully booked then cancel all appointments for the 15th June 2019, as we’ve recently been informed via our email that Hull College with support by C64Audio.com, will be hosting the 8-Bit Symphony concert; a celebration of the music of 8-bit British home computing with the Hull […]