Syndicate – Action/strategy classic by Bullfrog gets a DarkwyndPT review

Well, this retrospective sure is going slow, isn’t it? Sorry for taking so long, but because of recent work issues, I no longer have a lot of free time. And it happened all of a sudden, without notice, so I couldn’t cancel anything or plan around it. Anyway, today’s review […]

Wing Commander – An incredible space sim gets a BIG Cola Powered Gamer review

When talking about space sims, sooner or later someone will mention Wing Commander. Developed by Origin Systems, Wing Commander can be considered one of the best and influential space sim ever created. Wing Commander had a different take on the then established space sim formula, bringing the game and space […]

Antstream – A retro game streaming subscription service is a Kickstarter success

Great news if you were supporting the Antstream Kickstarter; a crowd funding campaign for a retro gaming based streaming service. As we’ve recently been informed through our twitter feed, that not only is it a Kickstarter success but the pledges are still increasing and it’s now beyond £50,000! For those […]

Antstream – A retro game streaming subscription service launches a Kickstarter!

As someone who is a huge retro gamer going right back to the late 70’s with an Atari 2600, an Amstrad, C64, ZX Spectrum, Amiga and pretty much every other system you could think of at my disposal at one point or another through the years. I was pleasantly surprised […]

Blackthorne – DarkwyndPT takes a look at a very good classic action game!

Well, like I promised last time, today’s review is from a GOOD action PC game and it’s also one of the first games produced by a famous game developer. I’m talking about Blackthorne. Blackthorne (AKA Blackhawk in Europe) is an action/platform game developed by Blizzard and published by Interplay. It […]

SimCity – DarkwyndPT takes a look at multiple versions of Sim City in this BIG review!

And again we’re going to take a look at not just a true classic game, but also a highly influential title that helped define an entire genre, spawned several clones and influenced several other titles. I’m talking about the one and only SimCity. SimCity is a simulation/managerial game developed by […]

Game #73: Dungeon Master (SNES) – Dungeon Meat of Doom!

I’ve changed my capture setup. Game 73 Title: Dungeon MasterReleased: June 1993 (December 1991 JPN)Platform: SNESDeveloper: FTL Games / Software Heaven, Inc.Publisher: JVC Musical Industries, Inc.Genre: RPGExploration – First-personCombat – Active time battlesSeries – Dungeon Master Unfortunately, SD resolution looks terrible now. So enjoy 1080p. (it’s the best I can do.) […]

Game #71: Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra (SNES) – A Glitch in Timing

Game 71 Title: Might and Magic III: Isles of TerraReleased: Jan 1995 (1993 TG-CD)Platform: SNESDeveloper: Iguana Entertainment (New World Computing [PC])Publisher: FCIGenre: RPGExploration – First-personCombat – Turn basedSeries – Might and Magic I might be playing this game, at the very least this version, a bit early, but I have a […]

Game #69: Super Ninja Boy (SNES) – Dragon Ball Gaiden (Finished)

Game 69 Title: Super Ninja BoyReleased: 1993 (December 1991 JPN)Platform: SNESDeveloper: Culture BrainPublisher: Culture BrainGenre: Action-RPGExploration – Top-downCombat – Action side scrollingSeries – Ninja Boy (Super Chinese in Japan) Hopeful yet cautious about this new iteration I curbed my enthusiasm with low expectations. In the end, I wasn’t disappointed with […]

Game #65: Soul Blazer (SNES) – Restore the World (Finished)

Game 65 Title: Soul BlazerReleased: June 1991 (February 1988 JPN)Platform: SNESDeveloper: QuintetPublisher: EnixGenre: RPGExploration – Top-downCombat – Action (top-down)Series – Standalone (or The Quintet World) The first game in what many fans consider a Trilogy, Soul Blazer actually seems to have more in common with ActRaiser than Illusion of Gaia […]