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The Kiwi’s Tale – A commercial length platformer for A1200/CD32, a fan-sequel to The New Zealand story!

You can just tell it’s Christmas especially with all these fantastic games coming out at once. And sure enough as a Christmas gift to you all, Earok has released the A1200 and CD32 version of ‘ The Kiwi’s Tale ‘; a commercial length platformer for the Amiga1200 and CD32, as […]

Kipper2K announces Cherry MX keyboards for the A500, A600 and A1200

New Amiga cases, new Amiga internal additions and Gotek installations how could anyone top that? Well how about the fact that as of this month Kipper2K has announced¬†Cherry MX keyboards for the Amiga¬†A500, A600 and A1200! These brand new keyboard additions to your overhauled Amiga are not just a set […]