Ion Fury – An action packed first person shooter using the famous Build engine!

Don’t get me wrong I do like playing modern first person shooters such as Shadow Warrior or even¬† Wolfenstein, but in all honesty I prefer playing the much older types, the original early 90’s gun in hand blasters such as the original Doom or even Wolfenstein 3D. So it stands […]

Cyberwolf – Super smooth Amiga first person shooter preview

BioJet wasn’t the only game to came back to this Monday afternoon, as Saberman was also kind enough to tell us about the latest preview release of Cyberwolf, which was shown off at the Revision 2019 demoscene event.¬† This Amiga game with development by britelite, bracket, dodke, spiikki, oasiz and […]

Blask – First person shooter Amiga tech demo update

There’s just no stopping us this morning, as after already mentioning the latest retro news, here’s a new Amiga tech demo called ‘Blask (eng. Shine?, Glow?, Glare?)’, or as its previous name ‘Alien Enemy: Dangerous Alien’, which is a new improved demo with updated movements. To coincide with this news […]

Project Warlock – A retrotastic first person shooter is coming to GOG this Thursday!

Buckshot Software have just announced their seriously cool looking retro styled first person shooter ‘ Project Warlock ‘ will be released via GOG as of this Thursday 18th October for PC gamers across the globe. Taking its inspiration from 90’s shooters such as Wolfenstein 3D and Doom and as a […]