Day: July 10, 2019

F’n Balls – A new speccy game from Andy Dansby with loading screen by Andy Green!

Glorious news if you’re looking for a new ZX Spectrum game to play, as thanks to a heads up by our good friend Andy Green, he has told us Andy Dansby has released the Arcade/Puzzle game ‘F’n Balls’ for the ZX Spectrum. Yes indeed featuring all the bleeps and blops […]

Game 335: Prophecy of the Shadow (1992)

               Prophecy of the Shadow United States Strategic Simulations, Inc. (developer and publisher) Released in 1992 for DOS Date Started: 24 June 2019              SSI began as a wargame company, and their best games–principally the Gold Box series and the Wizard’s Crown series–have always reflected […]