Day: September 24, 2018

The Internet Archive adds 1,100 New Arcade Machines to its ever growing library

Some time ago we mentioned some of the best websites to play classic retro systems online. Systems such as the CPC, NES, MSX and loads more were completely playable directly through your browser. One such site called "The Internet Archive" had a massive game list from the 1970’s through to […]

Operation: Labyrinth Fall – Ross Adkin’s upcoming speccy game

The ZX Spectrum games just keep on coming, as after already mentioning Nixy and the Seeds of Doom, Pooper Scooper and ROBOTS RUMBLE, we now have this new game to mention called ‘ Operation: Labyrinth Fall ‘, which is currently being designed by Ross Adkin using Arcade Game Designer. As noted by […]

Nixy and the Seeds of Doom – Gorgeous looking ZX Spectrum sequel is announced

Earlier this year one of our writers Scotty Emerle-Sifuentes did a great review of Andy Johns of Bubblesoft Games fantastic ZX Spectrum game of Nixy The Glade Sprite. A game in which he said was great fun to play and highly addictive with beautifully crafted screens. Well you’ll be pleased to know the […]

Pooper Scooper – Clean up those parks, it’s getting speccy messy!

There’s something really strange going on at the moment, as for some reason a few homebrew developers are more focused on what comes out of a backside, as already playing the buttocks based game Scuttlebutt which we wrote about earlier this week, along comes another poo based game by Sludge and […]