Camelot (1982) Guidebook Finished by Game’s Author

From The CRPG Addict

Excited about the renewed interest in Camelot from my series of 2019 entries (beginning here), author Joshua Tabin has developed a 101-page guidebook to the game.
The book walks you through setting up a Cyber1 account so that you can play Camelot and other PLATO games. It includes a quick history of the PLATO series, with screenshots. The bulk of the manual is tips, tricks, and instructions for navigating the game, including the full text of the in-game manual; lists of monsters and equipment; and full maps of all 10 levels (there’s still plenty for you to annotate). 
This is a great opportunity for any reader who’s thought they’d like to try one of the PLATO games.


And one other random announcement while I have you: I finally updated my Dungeons of Avalon II summary entry to reflect what commenter LanHawk discovered about the game, plus the winning screenshots he was able to obtain after fixing the problem for himself.

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