Day: November 23, 2018

From Beyond – Prologue – Horror adventure inspired by games such as Shadowgate!

Great news if you loved games such as Deju Vu, Uninvited or even my personal favourite Shadowgate, as we’ve just been told through our Game Dev : RetroGaming Facebook group, that SuckerFree Games will be releasing a game of similar style to those games called ‘ From Beyond – Prologue ‘. This […]

Merchant – Atari ST/STE Trading simulator, comes 5th at SILLY VENTURE 2018

One of my favourite genres is trading simulators, games such as Port Royale and Patrician whereby you start off with but a penny to your name hoping to make it rich and become powerful enough to tell the rest of your town what to do. Thankfully it seems others are particularly […]

Back to the Future Part III: Timeline of Monkey Island – Adventure fan demo gets a release

It wasn’t long ago now that we gave much excitement to the retro community that a demo was coming which blended The Secret of Monkey Island and Back to the Future as an adventure game with glorious inspirations. Well there’s good news today as just moments ago the developer Daniele Spadoniin […]

The Eggsterminator – The Death Squad is back with another entertaining ZX Spectrum game

It wasn’t that long ago now that we played a rather strange game called Pooper Scooper, in which the object of the game was to clean a park using different characters with different abilities such as a worm to eat weeds and even a beetle to clean up poo. Well it […]