Let the Invasion Commence [Part 9]

From Richard's C64 blog!

25th September – 1st October 2016

Let’s Invade was currently in the testing phase. Unfortunately not everything is quite ready yet although I do feel confident about an Autumn release of this game. Parts of the game code needed to be tweaked, the Health and Safety notice needed to be updated, and also the game char set needed a quick change. So I fixed those, however, I came across another obstacle. The alien bullet firing isn’t random enough, and it seems the same alien shoots the bullet. Sadly this is still the obstacle I haven’t got over with this week.  

During that obstacle, I felt slightly demotivated, and decided to code a little something else. That was of course a mini music demo called ‘Mix Box 1’. Featuring 5 new unreleased tunes, and some oldschool look, despite the raster timing issues. I’ve never really liked timing raster bars.

Thirdly a disk menu for Reset’s Craptastic was programmed, near complete, but requires raster bar timing.

Today, I got back to Let’s Invade and once again, it was another frustrating session. I did some how manage to get the enemies to drop bullets randomly, by creating the wrapping round routine, but after a while, the same aliens were dropping the bullets. Yet again, I didn’t manage to get over this obstacle yet. One day climb over the wall that blocks me, but it is a matter of when….

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