Half a million pagehits passed

From CRPG Revisiting old classics

Today was the day when my pagehits reached half a million. The blog started out in july 2011. In the last 6 years, 233 posts have been made and 612 comments on them. I have reviewed 32 games and tested numerous others which had not qualified for longer periods of play. Unfortunately the page hits doesn´t tell you the real statistics. The real amount of readers is far less which google analytics tells me about but still….
I know I have been absent for several months. I have had much to do lately. The games I am currently playing are Vaporum and Elex. Both comes highly recommended. I like Elex the best. It is done by Piranha Bytes the developers of the original Gothis and Risen series. If you have played those games you will see and experience the similarities in certain areas.

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