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By Ilmari

Elves? I thought these were goblins

It was quite easy to find the exit – Hooter could magic the gate open – but that was still far from completing the level. Time to again get the full story from the manual. The hooded creature was the librarian Carbonek, who had been bitten by a werewolf and had after that written only melancholy works, lamenting his lost humanity. Indeed, reading any of the books on the screen made the goblins lose their health because of sadness.

The simple aim of the level was then to get Carbonek to laugh, by using various items on the level. There was banana, a false nose and a soap, all of which Dwayne could use for various simple gags, and as a reward Carbonek, who had turned now into a human being, gave him a humorous book.

The giant figure at the middle of the screen was Meliagante, whose only pastime had been reading books of Carbonek, and because these books had been melancholic, Meliagante was a pretty grumpy figure. My first task was then to read Carbonek’s new book, but there was an obvious stopper preventing Meliagante hearing anything Dwayne would say.

If you have very good eyes, you might catch a small thing poking from the ground under the coat of arms. When Hooter enchanted that thing, it grew into a stick or lever. BoBo could then hit that stick, which raised a ladder to the pedestal with the statue. Hooter used then his magic to whisk the cork away, leaving Dwayne a chance to read some jokes to Meliagante.

Why don’t you share the joke with us?

Meliagante then moved his finger so that the goblins could access the tower on the right. The bowl on the top of that tower could be used to catch some of the tears Meliagante would secrete when laughing. What then? Well, it took me a while to notice, but you can see one pixel of an object hidden on the left tower.This object – a fish – was called a bait, so perhaps I was meant to put it somewhere to attract something.

Indeed it was

With nothing else to do, I tried using Meliagante’s tears with the monster that had appeared. Somehow the creature turned into the ultimate weapon I had been looking for. So, what was the secret for defeating the evil wizard? A catapult. And no, not the Roman variety, but what Americans would call a slingshot. Should I find some Angry Birds to shoot with it?

Getting back to the previous screen, I now had the means to solve a puzzle I couldn’t before. You see, the bananas had prevented the goblins from using the lever. With the ultimate weapon in my hand it was easy to drop the fruits into the moat. Pulling the lever opened the grate and revealed my ride away.

You’ll fall if you continue standing on the fish
Elves again? The translator should surely have communicated
with the persons deciding the English name of the game

 Final showdown

I had the ultimate weapon, so vanquishing the wizard should have been an easy task.

Take that!
Or not
I don’t like the look of this
The game now settled on a repeating gag, where one of the goblins would be captured by the wizard, who had taken some horrendous form, and another goblin would rescue the captured one, but be himself captured.

Let’s use some magic
Failed again
Let’s try some raw power then
This is getting tiresome

BoBo, who was the last one to get imprisoned by wizard, now in the form of a spider, was released by Dwayne shooting the web holding him with the catapult. Hooter could turn the wizard-spider into a bunch of smaller spiders, which would drop and could be easily captured by a well placed sack.

And there was lot of rejoicing!

I must confess I am bit sad that the game is already over. Although all the levels weren’t as carefully designed as others, Gobliiins was still a nice enough game to play. We’ll see how my enjoyment will be reflected in the PISSED score.

Session time: 3 hours
Total time: 18 hours 30 minutes

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