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Posted by Rampant Coyote on June 19, 2018

From Thursday through Saturday, I will be at Fyrecon! Come one, come all! Remember, this is at the Davis Campus of Weber State University, in Layton, not the one up in Ogden.  Last year’s conference was excellent, and this year is shaping up to be even better.

I will be participating in seven events:

  • Thursday 11:00 (Panel) – What a Punk! – The Different Kinds of Punk Fiction and What Makes Each Unique (steampunk, dieselpunk, cyberpunk, etc.)
  • Thursday Noon (Class) – The Air Adventure and Other Forgotten genres of the Pulp Era
  • Thursday 4:00 (Panel) – Formula vs Innovation: Which is the Better Path?
  • Friday 10:00 AM (Class) – How to Build a Virtual Reality Application in Unity
  • Friday 11:30 until 2 – VR Demo from GlobalSim, Inc. (my day job)
  • Saturday Noon (Class) – The Monsters of Appalachia
  • Saturday 4:00 (Panel) – Augmented and Virtual Reality: Gimmick or Game-Changer?

If you are going to be there, say hi! Come to classes! At some point I’ll also be at the Utah Speculative Fiction Writer’s Booth signing books, too! (Although if you already have a paper copy of any book I’m in, come see me any time and I’ll sign it!)  And yes, “The Monsters of Appalachia” is based on research I did for Blood Creek Witch.

And there’ll be a ton of other people worth meeting / listening to. David Farland will be back. Multiple award-winner Brad Torgersen will be teaching a class right after my air-adventure one on writing science fiction. Bryce Beattie will be sharing advice on writing from the pulp masters.

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