Cruiser X-79 Update #7

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11th June 2017

Not much time has been spent on this project this week, due to other things, but at least I did put some of my commitment into this game project today. I did have a long weekend, but I have been working on some stuff for the demo scene, also been learning a bit of Unity PC Game development . This won’t stop me from continuing C64 game projects. Anyway what has been happening today.

Although it doesn’t really sound like much. In fact a lot of work was put into the game code. A new sprite/background collision had to be made, which corresponded to the player’s bullet. The idea is basically to allow the player to shoot certain background objects in order to destroy them and score a few more points.

I used a similar approach to the player/background collision, but this time assigned the player bullet’s central area to the background object. Should the centre of the player’s bullet hit the background object, it should destroy it. I added a few JSR statements to check which background the bullet sprite should read, and then generated a subroutine which transformed the 4 chars of the background into a destroyed object. The player can shoot and destroy shutters, parked ships, stripey buildings and also the glass domes.

This is called by assigning a row+column into a zeropage, check the char co-ords and the char value of the zero page, then modify the charset to an actual new value.

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See you Saturday next week (Hopefully) with another blog update to this project, where I update the bullet sprite/background settings to remove the bullet every time it fires at a high deadly background, and maybe setup the first level attack waves.

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