Year: 2017

Below the Cut: Dungeon Explorer II (TurboGrafx-CD)

Dungeon Explorer II – Rating(8 RPP)1) 2 – Character Advancement: practice/experience based advancement, stat or level increases, multiple classes or characters, customize characters2) 3 – Combat: character stats used for combat, additional combat options, turn based3) 0 – Items and Equipment: store to buy and sell, equipment decisions, item decisions4) […]

Game #72: Ninja Boy 2 (Game Boy) – Ninjas vs. Pirates, In Space! (Finished)

I had planned to use this color palette,but forgot when it came time to play Game 72 Title: Ninja Boy 2Released: April 1993 (November 1991 JPN)Platform: Game BoyDeveloper: Culture BrainPublisher: Culture BrainGenre: Action RPGExploration – Top-downCombat – Action (turn-based bosses)Series – Super Chinese (Japanese name) So, we’re stuck with the default […]

Cruiser X-79 [UPDATE 11] – Not much … Or is it?

5th October 2017 I really should have back dated this Friday+Saturday last week, as nothing had been done today. I’ve been running late. Anyway, last week, I was doing some brain storming, and slight of hand updating of the game code. Originally Cruiser X-79 used a 3xIRQ interrupt, but since […]

Acheton: I Get By With A Little Help From My FAQs

Since my last post, I’ve made all sorts of progress with Acheton.  Some of that progress is legitimate, and some of it…  Well, let’s just say that I consulted some walkthroughs.  I’m only human, and even my patience has its limits.  (I’m probably more patient with CRPGs than adventure games, […]