Cruiser X-79 Update #12

From Richard's C64 blog!

7th October 2017

This is a just a quick update. You may remember a couple of days ago, I mentioned about having trouble getting the tape loader to work using multi-load, and  the game crashed. I finally managed to get my way around this problem, simply by not triggering RTS after the loader had finished loading a file. Of course, I had to edit the game code, where RTS was originally called for setting up new levels. This was replaced with a jump start to the main game code. I also implemented the same code with the disk multi loader.

The tape turbo code also needed a slight altering, so that it could switch off the tape motor, call Exomizer to level-decrunch the program file loaded, then call a subroutine to check whether or not all files have loaded. If so, then jump to the main game code, otherwise keep on loading the level graphics data (Charset, tile set, map) until all 3 files have loaded in and run through Exomizer’s decruncher. Thankfully, it all worked.

Now Cruiser X-79 can have digital disk and tape versions. 🙂

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