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Game #72: Ninja Boy 2 (Game Boy) – Ninjas vs. Pirates, In Space! (Finished)

I had planned to use this color palette,but forgot when it came time to play Game 72 Title: Ninja Boy 2Released: April 1993 (November 1991 JPN)Platform: Game BoyDeveloper: Culture BrainPublisher: Culture BrainGenre: Action RPGExploration – Top-downCombat – Action (turn-based bosses)Series – Super Chinese (Japanese name) So, we’re stuck with the default […]

Game #70: Great Greed (Game Boy) – The Road to Hell (Finished)

Game 70 Title: Great GreedReleased: April 1993 (September 1992 JPN)Platform: Game BoyDeveloper: NamcoPublisher: NamcoGenre: RPGExploration – Top-downCombat – Turn basedSeries – Standalone When I started writing up my list of RPGs, I didn’t think much of the Game Boy titles (well, aside from the Final Fantasy games). Yet, I’ve been impressed […]

Below the Cut: Spiritual Warfare (NES, Genesis, Game Boy)

Spiritual Warfare – Rating(7 RPP)1) 1 – Character Advancement: practice/experience based advancement, stat or level increases, multiple classes or characters, customize characters2) 1 – Combat: character stats used for combat, additional combat options, turn based3) 1 – Items and Equipment: store to buy and sell, equipment decisions, item decisions4) 2 […]