Month: May 2019

The Kingdom of Syree: Acceptance

The King of Syree bestows the main quest.             Facing an Ultima clone often sends me into a process akin to the Kübler-Ross five stages of grief.              Denial: “Aw, hell. Not another Ultima clone. What–it even has a (Z)tats command? No. No $&@#!* way.” Anger: “What the hell was […]

Misplaced – A new Megadrive release from RetroSouls

RetroSouls that are known for many great homebrew games just released a new title for the Megadrive/Genesis called “Misplaced”. RetroSouls describes Misplaced as a small experimental puzzler. The goal is to collect crystals and placing them on altars to progress to the next level. To help the character to collect […]