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Lala Prologue – A charming platformer by Digital Monastery gets a C64 & CPlus/4 release

Ladies and Gentlemen, C64 and CPlus/4 owners across the globe! Digital Monastery creators of Crazy Music,  Zombie Calavera Prologue and the upcoming game Robots Rumble are back with another stunning C64 and CPlus/4 release. As we’ve just been told through Facebook, that they have released a new game called ‘Lala Prologue […]

Robots Rumble – A puzzle game for the VIC-20 and CPlus/4 is also coming!

The CPlus/4 and VIC-20 also look to be getting a very decent puzzle game at some point soon, as we’ve recently been contacted by Hokuto Force, that Digital Monastery will be releasing a puzzle platformer called ‘ Robots Rumble ‘. Now if you’ve heard of this game before, that’s because […]