Day: May 30, 2019

MiniMIKE – Early C64 game preview feels more like a WIP indie title

While some of you are considering pledging for the¬†Parallaxian Kickstarter but would still rather play a new C64 game right now, then you might be interested to know that Paul Nicholls has made available an early preview of his work in progress game ‘ MiniMIKE ‘; a new game that […]

The Kingdom of Syree: Acceptance

The King of Syree bestows the main quest.             Facing an Ultima clone often sends me into a process akin to the Kübler-Ross five stages of grief.              Denial: “Aw, hell. Not another Ultima clone. What–it even has a (Z)tats command? No. No $&@#!* way.” Anger: “What the hell was […]