Skyrim Day 083 – A Long, Boring Walk

From Traversing Tamriel

12 Sun’s Dusk, 4E201
Spending a night at my Solitude estate is a rare blessing, even if it is much too large for one person, or even two, as the case was yesterday.
I woke with Serana patiently waiting in my bedroom, which was a bit disconcerting. She must have guessed as much for she assured me that she spent most of the night in the basement, working on enchantments and alchemy.
Ahead of us was the task to travel to Fort Dawnguard, rally the Dawnguard, and assault her family’s castle. The worst part of that, I am sure, is all the walking. I have almost certainly seen more of Skyrim than many of her residents, even if most of it is either forest or barren snow.
As if on cue we were attacked, in full daylight, by a trio of vampires just out of sight of Solitude’s ramparts. They nullified what little advantage greater numbers gave them by beginning their attack while nearly fifty yards away. Between Serana’s spells and my crossbow two were eliminated before they entered melee range and the other crumpled quickly.
Serana and I continued east without interruption, passing Dawnstar before noon. Just after the town we encountered a rider on the road who, much to our surprise, shouted that she was on urgent business with the Dawnguard and needed us to step aside. She sounded too young to be on any sort of business, but we were both surprised to see any evidence that things were happening without us.
And that was pretty much the day. We both agreed that stopping in Winterhold was preferable to trudging into Fort Dawnguard after midnight, so Serana is back again at the alchemy table and I am again preparing to rest in comfort, this time in the quarters of the Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold.
Tomorrow we shall be speaking with Isran and readying the Dawnguard for the assault…meaning another trip across the province for the two of us. For all the preparation Isran has been busying himself with why could he not have purchased some carriages?

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