Divine Divinity is a golden gem

From CRPG Revisiting old classics

The last 10 days I have tested four different RPG like games:

  • Dungeons of Chaos
  • Sacred 2
  • Divine Divinity (2002)
  • Grim Dawn
The first game I have already told you about in my previous post. It wasn´t good enough to spend limited time on. Grim Dawn is a good hack´n slash action RPG and as such is does well. But you are only bashing the mouse all the time. I have never liked that concept wher loot is the only driving factor of the game. 
Sacred 2 was a little better. Not as limited map as Grim Dawn and not as many enemies at once. It had potential and I think that game is the better of the three. That is, until I bought Divine Divinity for 0.49 euro at the Steam sale and got totally hooked. 
Atmospheric music, eerie environments not as many foes as in Sacred 2. Slower progression but also harder and easier to understand the game. I can highly recommend it as the winner of these four items if you find any on sale. 

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