Gobliiins: Underneath a carrot patch

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By Ilmari

I had managed to get in wizard’s house, but then I had no idea what I was expected to achieve. Time for plan B, that is, random clicking around. What I soon found out was that the big skeleton was very ticklish and dropped a skeleton key, if I used a feather on him. I couldn’t take the key right away, because the skeleton was guarding it.

And he was mightily pissed
Then again, he is easily amused

With the skeleton distracted by cup and ball, I could take the key and open the small cage. A small mouselike creature emerged and escaped through the window, but I still wasn’t closer to completing the level.

Time for more experimentation. Spelling the feather turned it into a flyswatter. A fly was buzzing around, so I naturally let Dwayne swat the animal. With no better idea, I let Hooter enchant the dead fly, which turned into a dart. What should I do with this thing?

Click it on everything and hope something works

Throwing the dart on wizard’s picture opened up a cupboard containing the voodoo doll used for enchanting the goblin king. I picked the doll up – and I still hadn’t completed the level! Turns out I had to also pick up a random bottle of elixir to finally move forward. Quite a messy level: no clear goal and the puzzle solutions made no sense even with hindsight.

At least now I have a new goal

Next level had a tighter design. I obviously had to find my way past the wizard, who would zap anyone trying to walk by the opening in the wall. Dwayne was carrying the elixir from the last level, and drinking it made him invisible. That should have made it easy for him to sneak past the big baddie.

You had to step on the horn!

Perhaps I should do something with those eggs?

You can’t make an omelette…
…without breaking an egg.
Maybe a spell?
I think I see where this is heading

After exhausting other options I noticed there was something hidden under roots of the tree. Hooter’s spell lifted the roots and Dwayne found a bird call underneath. Blowing it called a bird, which depending on where Dwayne stood either dropped an egg on his head or hatched one of the eggs in the nest. When Hooter enchanted the hatched egg, he got a lift to safety.

If I were the wizard, I’d definitely take a notice of the flying egg

With Hooter on the other side, he could easily use his magical powers to move the horn couple of inches, so that Dwayne could use the invisibility potion without being noticed. Now I only had BoBo to worry about. There was a carrot lying about, with which I could gain the attention of a rat, peeking from a hole in the ground. Hooter then turned the rat into a pin-up lady for a few seconds. While the wizard’s gaze was transfixed in her, BoBo could walk to his comrades.

My task was to find Shadwin, good wizard, who lived under a carrot patch. Here I was on one but I still had to figure out how to get under it. After couple of minutes I found out that Hooter could enchant a rock, which would grow into a sort of ladder, with which I could climb to the top of the slab. When I used a stick that was lying around on a differently coloured point on slab, a watering can appeared.

When I watered the small sprouts, they grew into large carrot tops. It was up to Hooter to spell the carrots completely out. Most of them were monstrous creations, which destroyed the health of the goblins.

Except this one. This one improved their health

One of the carrots looked like an alligator with a key on its nose. When hit, the carrotgator dropped the key, which could then be used in another carrot with a keyhole. I had found my way underground.

Why would you put a cannon in your house?

The good wizard Shadwin was very sleepy and I had to find a way to awaken him. There was a box of matches lying around, and if BoBo hit the pile of balls, Dwayne could pick one of them up. Maybe I should then use the cannon and hope that the old man would hear its sound?

This wasn’t what I meant

I had to first change the direction of the cannon by letting BoBo hit it. Now the cannon was pointed more upwards and ball wouldn’t hit Shadwin. Instead, it hit roof above and a carrot landed. Carrots were Shadwin’s favourite, so maybe I should put the carrot in the pot.

Of course, I must use the cannon for this

The smell of carrot stew soon awakened Shadwin. Problem was that he was hard of hearing and couldn’t understand a word of what we were saying. With no other avenues to explore, I repeated the exact procedure for finding carrots and let Hooter enchant it this time.The result was an ear trumpet, through which Dwayne could speak to Shadwin.

And still I was stuck on the same level! I picked up a stick that had just appeared on the floor and used it with the big gong. The gong turned into a dimensional portal after hitting it, and a small pendulum appeared.

After picking the pendulum, gobliiins were ready to move to the next level through the portal. Shadwin explained that dragon’s fire would be essential in destroying the voodoo doll. Since this post is long enough, let’s stop here and leave the dragon for the next one.

Session time: 4 hours 25 minutes
Total time: 9 hours 30 minutes

Request for Assistance

I am currently stuck at a spot somewhat further from where this post stopped. Since I have a hunch I am close to the end, I’ll ask for a hint now, instead of leaving it for the next post. So, V nz ba n yriry jvgu n qentba. V’ir sbhaq n ybt naq n ont bs frrqf naq V’ir sbhaq bhg gung ybt pna or genafsbezrq gb n fcenl pna. Jung arkg? Vf gurer jnl gb trg orlbaq gur ovgvat oevqtr? Fubhyq V hfr gur frrqf be gur pna fbzrjurer?

Remember to give your hints in ROT13, arranged so that you first give only a nudge, then a clearer hint etc. and final solution on the last spot.

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