Day: March 12, 2019

Doc Cosmos – This C64 RGCD 16K competition entry looks super cool!

The C64 is on a roll today, as after previously announcing the upcoming C64 game ‘ The Wild Wood ‘ which looks highly impressive, along comes Doc Cosmos released by shallan64 for the C64 RGCD 16K competition. This game featuring Time Travel gameplay, puts you in control of Doc Cosmos, who after […]

Rosewater – A Western Adventure announced from Lamplight City creator Grundislav Games!

Another great bit of news has just hit our inbox and no this isn’t a retro game, as just moments ago we were told that the creator of A Golden Wake, Shardlight and Lamplight City has just announced a new adventure game called ‘ Rosewater ‘. Yes indeed Grundislav Games […]

Game 320: Xoru (1989)

Character selection occurs right on the main title screen.          Xoru United States Castle Technologies (developer and publisher) Several versions released between 1987 and 1989 for DOS Date Started: 13 June 2018 Date Ended: 5 March 2019 Total Hours: 7 Difficulty: Easy-Moderate (2/5) Final Rating: (to come later) Ranking at […]