Command Modern Operations : Birth of a Scenario Part 4

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Finally we add some aircraft. Placing the air bases is the easy part. Once all of these bases are down we’ll work out saving them with aircraft for future use.

We get a bit of information overload here. The piece we need is labelled “Air Wing Bases”. There are other installations here, we could add them all but instead I’m going to trickle them in as the scenario progresses.

A note, there isn’t an undo button here. Deleting or adding some thing can create a bit of work, so make sure you’re either saving versions of using revision control like Git.

Here we have F13 Bravalla. One thing I really like here is this is the actual location not just some random airbase. Someone spent a great deal of time getting F13 Bravalla just like it was. Depending on your need for accuracy you could delve further, but for us this works fine.

Sweden had what was known as BAS 90. Distributed landing strips all over the country. It was to prevent a single mass strike, like the Israeli’s did to the Egyptian’s, from destroying all air capabilities. Instead of dropping all those bases I’m going to do a Special Action later that will allow the player to bring one of these online if needed.

So what was stationed at F13 Bravalla? I’m only going to go through this for one air base. CMO gave us the facilities, now it’s up to me to fill it with airplanes and munitions. You can make unlimited magazines, but in this case munitions will be key, especially anti-ship missiles.

One of my sources lists the above aircraft at Bravala in 1990. Each squadron is 8-12 aircraft. The recon squadron will get 8, each of the fighter squadrons will get 12.

We’ll start with the recon Viggens. Note the #527, that’s our DBID. We also need a loadout ID, in a pinch use Reserve (#3) which will allow the player to choose. For us though we want a recon loadout, so #3676.

arr = {"Stig Gyllenhaal",
"Rune Holmqvist",
"Roland Lindeman",
"Fardhe Quist",
"Calle Bjorklund",
"Faje Lindroth",
"Josef Öberg",
"Alfred Bergmann"

for i,line in ipairs(arr) do
ScenEdit_AddUnit({type = 'Air', unitname = "SF 37 " .. line, loadoutid = 3676, dbid = 527, side = 'Swedish Defense Force', base='F 13 Bravalla'})

We start with some random Swedish names from the Random Name Generator website. Then we iterate through and make our units.

There we go! Looks like CMO doesn’t like the O with the umlaut. Keep an eye on things like that, they can break your code in really weird ways. To keep things real we’ll mark some of these as maintenance.

I’m also setting Quick Turnaround. These Swede’s were one of few air forces who were capable of this and it gives them a powerful edge.

After this point it’ll get a bit tedious so I’ll follow up later with a wrap up of the completed Swedish side. The OPFOR planning will make for some more interesting reading.

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