Day: June 12, 2019

Game 331: Beneath the Pyramids (1980)

As we’ll see, the game would have been more properly called In the Sphinx.              Beneath the Pyramids United States Crystalware (developer and publisher) Released in 1980 for Apple II, 1981 for Atari 800 Date Started: 10 June 2019 Date Finished: 10 June 2019 Total Hours: 3Difficulty: Easy (2/5)Final Rating: […]

Plutonium Caverns – A new Puzzle game developed for MS-DOS

It’s not often we feature MS-DOS games, unless of course it’s a glorious classic released on GOG, but today’s announcement is something special. As we’ve been told by a member on our MS-DOS Gaming Facebook group, that Jani Nyk√§nen has released a new game for MS-DOS called ‘ Plutonium Caverns […]