Day: March 7, 2019

WRATH: Aeon of Ruin – 3D Realms going full retro with the return of the Quake Engine!

If you’re looking for a retro inspired shooter that is sure to excite many in the retro community, then look no further than 3D Realms upcoming First Person Shooter game WRATH: Aeon of Ruin. This game of which we were suprised to find out about today, is a wicked shooter of […]

Knight Lore V1.10 – Ultimate Play the Game classic as a C64, Plus4, C128 Vic-II & VDC port gets UPDATED!

Only just last year towards October 2018 we shocked the retro community with an announcement that the ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro, Amstrad CPC, MSX and Famicom Disk System game of ‘ Knight Lore ‘ by Ultimate Play the Game, had been released on the C64 as a full Z80 conversion to the […]

Realms of Quest V – An eye opening RPG for the VIC-20 gets a new trailer

Way back in 2014 developer Ghislain de Blois released Realms of Quest IV for the Commodore VIC-20 through the publisher Psytronik. It was another game in the series as a fine tribute to classic style turn based, party based dungeon crawlers of the 1980‘s, with graphics reminiscent of the early […]