Writerly Update and NaNoWriMo

From Tales of the Rampant Coyote

The day job is ramping up the pressure, so it is a challenge to get much done during the off hours. But I’m going for it.

As I mentioned before, the latest StoryHack (#3) is out, featuring my urban fantasy story, “Shoot First.” This story was a fun one to write, as it features the protagonist from “Dead Last,” in StoryHack #0. Links and further information can be found at StoryHack.com.

I just signed a contract for a short story that will be appearing in an anthology of “Mormon Steampunk,” coming from Immortal Works Press. I’ll have more details soon. It’s my understanding that it’ll be out “soon.”  My story, “The Pipes of Columbia,” takes place in an alternate history version of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair – the Columbia Exposition. Like I said, more details to come!

The next book in the Blood Creek series, Blood Creek Beast, is now (mostly) out of my hands. The final revision is complete, and now it’s going through the formatting, getting a cover, and all the marketing-related activities needed to prep it for launch. I don’t have final release dates yet, but there should be enough time to finish reading Blood Creek Witch!

I will be at the Local Authors & You event at the Viridian Event Center in South Jordan on November 2nd.  I’ll have a short reading from Blood Creek Witch, and I’ll be at my table saying hi to people and signing books. If you are in the neighborhood that day, stop by and say hi! There are lots of great authors to meet and plenty of awesome books to discover.

As for NaNoWriMo… November is looking like hell for me with the day job, and getting anything done after 12 hours of work can be difficult. But dang it, I’m going for it anyway. I’ve been writing the third book in the Blood Creek series, which was put a little bit on pause while I worked on revisions for Blood Creek Beast. The clock is ticking to get it done, as well as the final book in the series, so I’m taking advantage of November to push. I’m not super-active with the “official” org page, but if you want to buddy up with me there, I should be easy to find. I have learned that having some active buddies all pushing the word counts together in friendly, very loose competition can help.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, Storybundle.com is running its annual NaNo Writing Tools Bundle. The only one I have read from this bundle (so far) is Dean Wesley Smith’s How to Write a Novel in Ten Days, which is largely a reprint of his blog updates on his process of writing a ghost novel. There are no deep, dark secrets in there, but there are some interesting tidbits of knowledge to glean from how a pro writer might schedule their day. Anyway, if you are a writer or aspiring writer, check it out and see if the bundle is of interest to you.

And as always, have fun!

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