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By the TAG Team

Our Hero-U Month has come to its conclusion with the launch of Hero-U and the interview with Corey Cole, and so it is time to decide what to do with our official TAG banner. We could just return to our old Monkey Island banner, but since that would be a dull move, we’ve decided to hold a TAG Banner Contest!

We tried to hire Mark Ruffalo as the mascot of our Banner Contest, but when he heard he’d get only CAPs as his reward, he became angry and green and almost stomped on us

The contest will have two categories. Firstly, you can simply tell us in the comments your idea about what the new TAG banner should look like. Every new suggestion will be rewarded with 5 CAPs and the admin and the reviewers of TAG will choose a winner, who will receive 25 CAPs.

Secondly, if you have a talent for making good graphics, you can choose any of the ideas in the comments or one of your own, design a banner and send your proposal to Our Hero-U Month Banner is 950 x 192 pixels, so try to stay close to that size. The participants in this contest will receive 10 CAPs reward in a later post, where we will introduce all the designed banners. The winner of the contest will be also chosen by the admin and the reviewers, but this time the prize of winning will be 50 CAPs.

If you don’t have any idea for the banner nor have enough graphical skills, you can still participate in the discussion. Should the TAG banner reflect the current games played (or alternatively recent games played) and thus change often? Or should it be a more permanent feature of the blog?

Enough chattering, let your imagination run wild!

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