Mystery Mansion: A Quick Bit of Gardening

From CRPG Adventures

I haven’t played much Mystery Mansion in the last fortnight, but in the interests of keeping a regular schedule I just did a quick bit of exploring so that I can at least post something. It’s not going to be all that substantial, but it’s all I got.

The area that I explored was the Gargoyle Garden, which can be found at the back of the mansion, and accessed either through the Back Gate, or by going out the back door of the mansion from the Library.

A map of the Gargoyle Garden

I mapped the place out, and it is pleasantly skull-shaped. I didn’t find anything of particular use here, but what I did find were a number of ways to die.

The most prominent of these is the wolf. There are two areas in the garden which are described as “meadows”, and it will always be noted that you can see something moving about in the grass. Enter either of those meadows, and you’ll be eaten instantly. Perhaps there’s a way to kill these wolves, but I haven’t tried anything yet. I suspect it’s not necessary.

There are also three Witching Wells, and you can climb down them. Two of them are too slippery to climb back out of, and I never figured out how to escape once I was down there. The other one has hand-holds and can be climbed out of, but all I found down there was a note that had the same message I’ve seen elsewhere (a reminder that you can type the first letter of a direction instead of typing GO NORTH). I tried to make a wish, but the game doesn’t recognise WISH, so alas that idea was a bust.

There are two ponds that you can enter, but the sides are too steep to get back out again. Luckily, each of the bridges has a magic word written on it, something along the lines of WOMIX or WIMOH (they change with every game). If you type in these words you’ll be teleported to the Dense Woods, which is the only way of escaping.

There are two Foul Fountains, but they’ve both dried up. It’s possible that something can be done here, but the parser doesn’t recognise FOUNTAIN, so I think these are just for decoration.

There are two characters wandering around the garden, a Gardener and an Elf. The Gardener is much like the other NPCs in the game, and you can question him for clues about the murder. The Elf is more irritating. He sneers at your questions, and has a habit of kicking you in the shins or stealing something from your inventory. I haven’t tried to kill him yet, but it’s very tempting. (Actually, I’m not sure if you can kill the NPCs. I’ve been attacked and wounded by the Warrior, and I’ve fought the Dwarf in the maze a few times, but all I was ever able to do was drive him away. The combat system remains a mystery to me.)

There’s a note near the Veranda that says that the Garden closes at sunset, so I’m pretty sure there’s a time limit for getting things done here. I honestly don’t know if its necessary to explore the garden, unless the murder victim and/or the murder weapon are placed there.

Next time around I’ll explore the area under the front porch, and try to get rid of the werewolf that’s under there. After that, it’ll be time to start figuring out some puzzles and putting together a run where I can get all of the points (if possible).

I just killed the Vampire! I was right in my last post, all you need to do is lure him from the Crypt in the basement up to a room on the ground floor, then open the curtains.

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