GTW hosting costs and donations

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Games That Weren’t is a freely ran project, 100% non-profitable and done in our own free time. To ensure minimum downtime, storing vast amounts of scans, downloads and information we have to pay for proper hosting.

UPDATE – All hosting costs are now covered for 2017/18, and just within a few hours!  There was just a small amount left to raise, which i’ll cover.  Thank you very much to Chris Abbott, Andreas Wanda and Christopher Gioconda for their help!

A full breakdown of our yearly costs can be found on our Donations page.

Please note that donations only cover our hosting/domain costs, so that we remain a purely non-profit project. Each year we will try and raise money to cover our costs. Once we hit our target, no more donations will be accepted.  If donations go slightly over the target amount, then remains will go to charity.

Thank you!

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