Gobliins 2 – Magic Mushrooms

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By Ilmari

Last time, I had just arrived at the castle, where the titular Prince Buffoon was held as a prisoner by demons. My first task was to get rid of a guard in front of the entrance. Luckily a nearby tower held important provisions.

My my, he’s gone to pieces

Unfortunately, another guard was waiting in the dark doorway, so I still couldn’t enter. The manual had mentioned that the best way to infiltrate the castle was a sea passage under it, so perhaps I had tried a wrong approach.

Wise man Soka was meditating on castle grounds. I couldn’t yet talk to him, but needed a carpet to fly where Soka was levitating. There was one carpet on the screen, and I just had to use a few bombs to make it fly to where my goblins were. Now I could fly and learn what Soka had to say – I had to find some sand of time and throw it to trenches.

Fingus, that’s a serious case of #nymphtoo!
Winkle, are you sure you want to use that word?

I had two other screens to choose from. First, I came to a room, where resided Kael, a walking apple-tree, whom the demon king had cursed to be always thirsty. I gave him some water from my bottle and asked his advice.

Kael told me that I should try to enter the home of Vivalzart, music-mad heron who looked for mushrooms to help his insomnia – you can see his house at the upper left corner of the screen. Kael added that the small nymph could help me to find the proper mushroom. My task was thus clear.

I started by reviving the nymph with some water, and she flew to a branch of one of the trees. I could follow her, by taking a ride with a bee, which was hiding in a hole under one of the rocks.

To bee or not to bee

What to do with the nymph then? Well, Kael and the bee were both helpful with this. Kael would lift me to one of his branches, where I could pick a flower. The bee, on the other hand, could make some honey from that flower. I just had to take care Winkle wouldn’t touch the honey, because he would eat it all, and let Fingus deliver this gift to the nymph, who would then point me to the correct mushroom to give to Vivalzart.

I wonder whether that vulture is Vivalzart’s son or pet

Once inside Vivalzart’s home, he urged me to put the mushroom in his musical dream machine and taste the product. Problem was that the machine was blocked by a clothes pin, which was so high I couldn’t reach it. I started solving this problem with the most reliable method in this game – poke everything and see what happens. Here’s a can of worms – let’s take one. Here’s a piranha – don’t put your finger into its bowl. Here’s a button and when I push it, this platform rises for a while – so, let’s try to put another goblin on the platform and…

…he almost grabs a piece of meat from the vulture. Almost

This sequence was a bit frustrating, since there’s so little time to try anything, when a goblin is hanging from the piece of meat. Eventually, I lucked out and the vulture was distracted enough by a worm, so that I managed to grab the meat. Who might want some meat? Perhaps the piranha who just tried to bite my finger off? Indeed it wanted, leaving me with a bone to pick.

What to do with the bone then? Well, in another round of trying everything I gave the bone to Vivalzart who opened a trashcan and dropped the bone in there. Believe it or not, one of the goblins could take advantage of this and the opening lid of the trashcan would catapult him onto the shelf. There, I could remove the clothes pin and also take a bottle of elixir. Now I could turn the machine on again and drink the droplets it produced.

Taking a little trip

Vivalzart’s mushroom potion had taken me into a musical mushroom land. It wasn’t at first clear what I was trying to do here, but the goblins were asking the band members to play some tunes, so apparently that was my task.

Even more so than before, the screen was filled with all sorts of weird shenanigans. Put-goblin’s-hand-in-a-hole-and-see-it-coming-out-somewhere-else was by now a familiar sight, and this time it rewarded me with a drumstick, which together with a stocking cap produced a net. There was also a spring, where one goblin jumping created for a few seconds a bicycle pump, which the other goblin had to grab through the same hole. When both of the goblins jumped on the same spring, it opened another hole, which a goblin could use to get on top of the smiling mushroom.

No more goblins jumping on a spring

The smiling mushroom was just a few steps away from the guitarist, but the way was blocked by a blue hose, which sprouted water on a goblin if he took a step too close the musician. Luckily, I had just the thing to stop the flow of the water – the clothes pin. Once I got to talk with the guitarist, he was happy to play me one of his tunes. This produced a bunch of notes I could interact with for a couple of seconds, and using my net, I could capture them.

I was clearly meant to get notes from the saxophonist and drummer also. Saxophonist did not reply anything when I tried to ask him to play. Instead, Fingus could use the bicycle pump to blow some notes out of his saxophone.

The drummer was too high to talk to. Luckily, when Winkle used the pump on the saxophonist, the man blew out a mosquito. By putting the mosquito through the many-timed used hole, I could get it near the drummer, who started to flail his drum stick, trying to hit the mosquito and at the same time producing notes. I now owned a whole melody.

Basketball + player = ?

After this short side trip I returned to the regular world. My next destination was this village of tree houses. The player did not want to speak with me, and the ball was just a tad too far away. Throwing my trusty stone on the ball moved it to a more accessible place, but then a small kid appeared and took the ball inside to one of the houses. The kid moved to a new house, when I tried to capture him, but eventually I could corner him by moving in from two fronts.

When I gave the ball to the player, he threw it in a basket and the ball returned to me. Maybe I had to do something with the ball, while it was flying into the basket? I put one of the goblins under the basket, and just as the ball was entering the basket, the goblin jumped and the ball bounced to one of the houses, and its resident, the mayor of the village, came out.

Mayor advised me to knock on the door on the upper right corner, which housed the village clock maker, Tom. We asked Tom for an hourglass, but he first asked us to replace the tock of village clock with a melody. I just happened to have one, so I quickly got myself an hourglass. The hourglass contained the sands of time I needed for getting within the castle walls.

I see the line in the sand
Next step of the quest

After walking on a bridge of sand and sneaking in through a window, I met a blacksmith, who told me I should get an imprint of a lock on a chest with carved fish, so that he could make a key for the chest. This seems a good place to stop.

Inventory: Elixir

Session time: 5 hours
Total time: 9 hours

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