Wolfling Preview V2 – Nesdev game previewed on the C64

From Indie Retro News

In 2017 Lazycow released an early version of a high quality platforming game for the NES as an entry for the 2017 Nesdev competition. It gained favourable feedback during that time with one such member noting the game had nice level design, felt non linear and incredibly moody with rather nice animation. Well the news of this week is, this NES game is still being ported over to the C64 by the same developer, and there’s a new preview version 2 tease also made available through CSDb by Onslaught and Laxity.

We first mentioned this game as a preview V1 way back in the early part of this year as an unfinished C64 game that was not only lacking areas to visit, but the graphics were sub-par, you couldn’t get hurt and the character control felt a little off. Well fast forward to today and the game has much improved! As the graphics are far better with detailed rooms and character detail, you can get hurt, the character is easier to control AND best of all there’s 4 playable rooms.

Links :1) Laxity 2) Onslaught 2) NESDEV

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