The Age of Heroes – Work in progress C64 game by Legend of Atlantis creators gets new footage!

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The T Storey, G Rottensteiner, A Volkers and S Collier Facebook group has been a buzz of likes and shares this week as according to the team behind the fantastic game of Argus and the Aliens vibe of Organism. They have recently done a big heads up with new footage of their upcoming action platformer slasher of ‘AGE OF HEROES’; which looks very much like a high quality Rastan but instead developed by Achim Volkers, music and sfx by Saul Cross and art and design by Trevor Storey.

Age of Heroes certainly looks like a high quality axe and sword slashing game with some very impressive detailed levels and enemies that need to be defeated, but there’s still a ways to go before it’s released. So until then you’ll have to make do with these new videos above showing another fantastic upcoming game by a truely great team of people!

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