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The CRPG Book: A Guide to Computer Role-Playing Games launches for pre-orders!

Throughout my youth I’ve always been an RPG gamer, I used to love playing games such as Dungeon Master, Lands of Lore, Albion or even the later style of Fallout, Baldurs Gate and Dark Messiah. Especially when I get to read a grand story of the adventures ahead, while choosing […]

Life on the Grid

I’ve long been interested in the process by which new games turn into new gaming genres or sub-genres. Most game designers know from the beginning that they will be working within the boundaries of an existing genre, whether due to their own predilections or to instructions handed down from above. […]

Game #73: Dungeon Master (SNES) – Dungeon Meat of Doom!

I’ve changed my capture setup. Game 73 Title: Dungeon MasterReleased: June 1993 (December 1991 JPN)Platform: SNESDeveloper: FTL Games / Software Heaven, Inc.Publisher: JVC Musical Industries, Inc.Genre: RPGExploration – First-personCombat – Active time battlesSeries – Dungeon Master Unfortunately, SD resolution looks terrible now. So enjoy 1080p. (it’s the best I can do.) […]