Skatemasta Tcheco – Upcoming NES inspiration with a new trailer!

From Indie Retro News

Tcheco is back, and this time he brought a skateboard! Skatemasta Tcheco is an upcoming game from the game developer Marcelo Barbosa that also created “Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio” that we previously mentioned here on Indie Retro News.

Skatemasta Tcheco is a Nes style game that draws inspirations from different games that features skateboaring such as Yo! Noid, Adventrue Island and the Simpsons. The game actually have the same resolution and the same color limitations as the original Nes so it really delivers that nostalgic feeling of an old Nes game.

Skatemasta Tcheco is still in development but a trailer was just released showing some really nice gameplay and beautiful Nes pixel graphics. The game will also feature cameos from other different games.

Marcelo has also been active in the romhacking scene and I did an interview with Marcelo about his graphics hack of Mario Bros for the Nes, you can read the article here. Im personally looking forward to Skatemasta Tcheco that is set to be released sometime early/mid 2019 on Steam.

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