Micro Mages: A gorgeous nes game for the NES – Currently on Kickstarter!

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Micro Mages is a new NES game that is currently up on Kickstarter. The game is already finished and the developers are running a Kickstarter campaign now to raise funds for producing the actual cartridges, boxes and manuals. At first glance Micro Mages is a gorgeous looking platform game with some really amazing pixel graphics but what’s really exciting about this game is that it supports 4-players! Yes that’s right, its time to dust of that old FourScore multiplayer adapter that so very few Nes games had support for.

What is also really nice about the Kickstarter campaign is that you can choose to pledge for the cartridge version, which includes a box and manual that supports both Ntsc and Pal consoles. But you can also just pledge for the rom file that you can play on an Nes emulator on your computer. And I just got confirmation from the developers that the rom will also work with the PowerPak and Everdrive flash cartridges!

What i personally like about Micro Mages is that it features vertical platform climbing that you might remember from games like Kid Icarus, Ice Climber and those pipe levels from Super Mario Bros 3. I always loved games that had vertical climbing and i’m glad that the developers picked this instead of the usual side scrolling layout.

The game has 26 levels in 8 different worlds that includes boss battles, secrets and a lot of different special abilities that you can acquire. There are many more features and you can find them on the Kickstarter campaign page.

Micro Mages is up on Kickstarter right now and the last date for pledging is October 5:th. You can find out more about Micro Mages on the Kickstarter campaign page or at http://morphcat.de/micromages/

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