Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries Releases September 10

From Tales of the Rampant Coyote

Yeah, I know what I’ll be doing…

Pre-orders are up with lots of bonuses to existing players of Mechwarrior Online here. It also includes access to the closed beta, which is nice if you really like your big fighting robots.

That’s definitely me. I was a fan since the EGA Mechwarrior I days (and Crescent Hawk’s Inception). I played Mechwarrior II over the Internet using Kali to pretend the Internet was one big LAN. I’ve probably played more of the new Battletech PC game than is strictly healthy. And yeah, I’ve spent enough hours in Mechwarrior Online to hold my own and max out a couple of skill trees. I’m really looking forward to a new single-player Mechwarrior simulator-style game.

It’s been a while since they announced it, and maybe it won’t happen, but at some point they promised VR support.  Of course, this was back when investors and the tech media were hyping themselves up to believe the VR was going to be the next iPhone, forgetting that there were several generations of cell phones of varying degrees of smartness prior to the iPhone’s appearance. Since VR failed to meet their unwarranted lofty predictions, they’ve declared the technology dead repeatedly, yet it stubbornly continues to grow despite the industry’s sour-grapes backlash. So… I’m really hoping it’s there. I’ll be okay if it’s not, but VR is a big deal for me these days (if you haven’t noticed…)

To be completely honest, the new gameplay trailer isn’t overwhelming me, although the highly destructable environments are nice. But … I’m confident it’ll be a good time.


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