Lockdown and Loaded

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13th March – 6th May 2020

Like many of you, I have been stuck indoors in lockdown. While this lock down has been in place I have been very busy on various C64 game projects. I managed to complete a few over the past 2 or 3 months. Since 15th March 2020. Since I suspect you probably be interested in reading about the game projects, rather than lockdown and all of this. Here is the line up.

Nucleo 448

I teamed up with Leonardo Vettori, to help him improve his game Nucleo 447, by giving it a set of in game enhancements. The game was of course renamed Nucleo 448. This game was originally an entry from last year’s Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019 compo. I helped Leonardo ramp this game up to be more playable and fun. With aid of Martin Piper’s framework for SEUCK (SEUCK Redux). Nucleo 448 had a new front end presentation power ups (which allowed the player’s bullet to fire faster), in game trance music and also enemy fire AI.

Toilet Paper Stacker

I launched a Lockdown fun compo 2020 on CSDB, in which people could enter the compo and submit either a game, demo or graphics. Music was ruled out of the compo, because there was already a music compo in place. Toilet Paper Stacker was one of these stacker type of games, with a funny theme based on past events. The idea of the game was to stack over sized toilet roll on to a cabinet so that it breaks and kill the virus.

Zzapped in the Butt

Craptastic 2020 was launched earlier on this year. Zzapped in the Butt (Guess where the name ZZapped came from ;)) is a retro style space shoot ’em up. A mother ship is waiting to invade planet Earth, but cannot enter the Earth’s atmosphere. So instead, it sends out various aliens to help invade the planet. The ship has to defend its military cities from aliens. The mother ship also decides to attempt to zap your ship in the butt. The game consists of more than 30 levels. Everything crammed into 4K. Expect to see that appear on your C64 in June. 🙂

Cruiser X-79 (Still in progress)

The vertical scrolling shoot ’em up game project was delayed for some time, but now it has come back in action. New alien movement patterns have been added to the game’s code. Not all of the aliens have been put in place, as there are still some more movements in operation. A lot more work has been put into the game project today. Where, I try and restore the alien sprite/sprite collision and do a bit more debugging. Hopefully some time later on this week (or perhaps next week) I should be able to try and restore the game’s main game play and get those aliens happy blasting.

All of these games can be found and downloaded from THE NEW DIMENSION for your C64, Ultimate, or theC64

(Except for the latest Cruiser-X 79 preview and Zzapped in the Butt)

Original URL: https://tnd64.blogspot.com/2020/05/lockdown-and-loaded.html