Introducing Foreign Frugglers – a Free Retro Pixel-Art Web Game

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Ultimo Games has just released a fun retro-inspired shooter titled Foreign Frugglers. The masterful pixel-artist Timo Visser has created a simple yet fun arcade style game that’s free to play in your web browser.

Gameplay is a take on the timeless classic Space Invaders with some fun additions. You have a team of four heros to make your attempt at saving the planet with. If one should fall, another member steps up to the challenge. Having four different characters to control, if only in graphic representation with no unique abilities, is a pretty cool touch.

You guide your hero along the ground at the bottom of the playfield left or right, pressing up to shoot upward at the attacking Frugglers. You can also jump, and shoot left and right. Jumping is important not only to avoid ground threats, but also to get a little more shot height with some of the weapons.

Yes, you can pick up different weapons to use! The starting weapon is pretty powerful, but it’s a single shot that involves a short reload time. The various weapons have their tradeoffs just like any excellently balanced arcade style game does, including a grenade launcher that can cause damage to yourself if you aren’t careful. Gotta love the trusty machine gun!

The game introduces waves of unique enemies and perils that all end in a satisfying explosion, audibly and visually. The pixel artwork and animation is very well done considering the resolution and color limitations the author imposed on the game. Additional effects such as a screen shake nicely add to the impact of the ongoing fight. There’s plenty of pickups to grab besides weapon upgrades.

And who doesn’t love achievements! Foreign Frugglers will save your progress and scores locally.

If you like fast arcade-game style gameplay infused with modern powerup elements topped with loud explosions and satisfying eye-candy artwork, then you won’t want to pass up Foreign Frugglers!

– Article by Scotty Emerle-Sifuentes

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