Gobliiins – Into the Fire

From The Adventure Gamer

By Ilmari

Statue of Serenity – made by Joss Whedon?
Or maybe it is a statue OF him?

The level with the Buddha-look-alike was another one where I had to proceed by trial and error. I’ll just quickly run through the essentials. If you really squint your eyes, you might see a faint X on the ground at the right side of the screen. By first putting the stone on the left to the X and then asking Hooter to enchant it a ladder to the statue was created.

It looks like they could have just jumped on that floating island

Hooter could turn one of the palms on the island into a pickaxe. Where should it be used?

That’s where the pendulum was useful

Digging at the spot where pendulum moved led to the lair of the dragon Gemellor.

Its treasure is laughable: one chest and a cup

The room was, predictably, full of dangers.

Dwayne just keeps tripping on objects that could be easily circumvented
That’s what you get when you go too close to a fire breathing dragon
The old “monster disguised as a bridge” trick

The bear trap was easily dealt with. BoBo just hit the pile of logs, releasing one log from the pile, and Dwayne then used the log to set the trap off.

For the monster trap I had to make a request for assistance, and as Mister Kerr revealed, it required more than usual amount of moon logic. Firstly, Hooter had to magically float the small red bag closer from dragon’s lair, so that Dwayne could reach it, Secondly, Hooted had to turn the log into a can of deodorant. The bag was full of seeds, which at a proper part of the screen worked as a bait for a jumping foot, which was killed with the deodorant.

You have to see it to believe it

The foot had to be still roasted in the dragon’s fire and then fed to the bridge.

Here boy, eat!

With this bit of moon logic behind me, I was now able to fetch a dagger, which also needed the touch of dragon’s fiery breath.

Back again

The final destruction of the voodoo doll involved a mystical ritual.

Setting the Statue of Serenity on fire with my dagger
Burn you evil doll!

The result of incinerating the doll was a key. The key could be inserted in the statue’s ear, making it a teleport.

Beam me up, Serenity!

The goblin king was saved, but I still have to look for something called the ultimate weapon, probably for the sake of beating the wizard Niak. We’ll see how that goes in the next post.

Session time: 6 hours
Total time: 15 hours 30 minutes

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