FROGS – C64 4 player homebrew classic is coming to the Atari STe!

From Indie Retro News

In 2017 we announced the release of the C64 4 player game ‘ Frogs ‘ which was developed by Christian Gleinser of Dr. Wuro Industries as a great game in which you play as a little frog that has to jump across from rock to lily pad, while trying not to fall in as the lily pads vanish or not being knocked off by your opponent. Well if you loved the game and have an Atari STe, you’ll be pleased to know it’s coming to the Atari St through ANARCHO Ride Laboratories.

When the C64 version was released we said Frogs was a lovely game to play that everyone in the family would enjoy. It was easy to control, the graphics are charming, the little froggies are cute, and the music is every bit as as good as the gameplay. So as you can see when it comes out for the Atari STe, rest assured it will be just as fun to play!

-Original Game by Dr. Wuro Industries, Christian Gleinser
-ATARI STe Version by ANARCHO Ride Laboratories, Thomas Ilg
– With Computer controlled Frogs
– ST Graphics + the original C64 Graphics
– MIDI network play (…hopefully soon)
-Demo Music by xFalcon taken from ANARCHO Ride.

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