DYA – FALL DAMAGE – An Album of banging chiptunes and much much more!

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Music listeners across the globe, it’s that time again when we look towards the latest albums that not only sound awesome but fits perfectly with the theme ‘retro’. This latest album titled as ‘ DYA – Fall Damage ‘, released by the trip fall DJ Aaron Hickman, is a massive, insanely eclectic collection of his chiptune singles, demoscene releases, covers, collaborations and remixes throughout 2014-2018. So turn it up, sit back, and listen to some wicked tunes including a brand new never released cover of “Not In Love” as well as remastered versions of older tracks.

Composed using the following trackers:

Deflemask  (Sega Genesis / SMS / C64 / Turbografx-16)
Famitracker  (NES)
LSDJ  (Gameboy)
Vortex Tracker  (ZX Spectrum / Atari ST)
Renoise. (Sample/VST Based Tracker)

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