Dino Run – Like a Duracell Battery this Amiga game keeps on going!

From Indie Retro News

Another Amiga game has appeared and rather than the usual platformers we’ve come across, this one requires only the skill of patience and timing for the ultimate of high scores. Titled as ‘ Dino Run ‘, this game developed by Havsof with a conversion by H. Spring, is a new Amiga game whereby playing as a dinosaur, you have to jump over every cacti and duck under every bird to beat your previous high score.

According to the creator, this game is an Amiga version of the Google Chrome Dinosaur Run game available as an LHA file or ADF, which works on an Amiga 1200 030 and may also work fine on an A500 upwards. The game was also developed using Blitz Basic, but was still an experiment in using sprites, such as the Dinosaur and Bird.

Special Bonus :
Saves high score to disk and if you can get far enough (or are bothered enough) then I have a bit of a surprise later in the game. It does end but nothing terribly exciting happens (yet).

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