Day: June 28, 2019

Rade Blunner Ep.2: Cannibal Wheh’s Little Shop – Episode 2 of a new ZX Spectrum platformer by Iadvd

Putting aside the C64 news, as now we look towards the ZX Spectrum for our 8bit kicks, as we’ve been told by John that Iadvd has released the second episode of a ZX Spectrum game called ‘ Rade Blunner Ep.2: Cannibal Wheh’s Little Shop ”. Now if you like platformers […]

Dice Skater – An addictive and unique game for the C64 by Geir Straume and Sean Connolly [16kb cartridge]

We’ve certainly featured a lot of C64 games over the years, from action platformers to shoot em ups and even puzzle games. But Dice Skater by Geir Straume and Sean Connolly for the C64 is something of a special breed. Yes indeed this one isn’t your typical C64 game, as in this […]