Day: May 18, 2019

RGCD officially killing it with 4 new C64 cartridges announced!

Not happy with continually supporting the Commodore 64 game dev scene with the phenomenal 16KB Cart compo – James Monkman of RGCD announced 4 brand new cartridges.¬† Following 2 official announcements¬†for¬†Retaliate DX and Grid Pix on the RGCD blog page, I spoke to James, who confirmed that the next C64 […]

Game 327: Darkwood (1992)

                Darkwood United StatesPublished as shareware in 1992 for the MacintoshDate Started: 15 May 2019 Date Finished: 16 May 2019 Total Hours: 4Difficulty: Easy (2/5)Final Rating: (to come later)Ranking at time of posting: (to come later)                 You are an orphan named Derek who wants to join the elite city […]